Embracing My Creative Side in Good ‘Ole New York

I’ve been learning more about myself over the past few weeks. Amazing how much one can grow over a short period of time. I’m planning to pursue some old, creative (i.e. “artsier”) dreams that I haven’t even thought about for a while.

Singing, dancing, acting. Et cetera, et cetera.

It’s a tricky concept to try to overcome – when one is both intellectual and artsy. One can get borderline existential.

“Who am I? What am I?” (or in the spirit of depth and/or an obscure Marvel reference: “Why am I?”)

I’ve heard it said that we are all creative in some form or fashion. Let’s see how much form and fashion we muster out of hard work, determination & reaching for the stars!

I’mma go for it, guys.

Stay tuned for the products of my adventures in (wait for it) THE ARTS.

… Meanwhile, here are a few photos from recent gallivanting in Manhattan:


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