Volunteering at #ISRUN New York City

It was an honor to be a part of the First Annual #ISRUN 3k race in Lower Manhattan. The event had a great turnout and amazing weather!

Photo credits go to the World Zionist Organization.

The volunteers and Shlichim שליחים (Emissaries of Israel) hosting the event. I thought of a great pun for this photo, and it tickled me silly, because the word for a “relay race” or “run” is spelt the same as the word for “emissary” in Hebrew: 🇮🇱 מרוץ שליחים עם השליחים
The race begins! I actually finished & placed 4th female and 13th overall – so that was cool.
This picture was so cute I had to include it in the post! Photo creds to the World Zionist Organization.

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